BMS World News - July 2017 

God’s love transforms hearts. BMS World Mission volunteer Rebecca Hotchkin has seen this first-hand as she works to empower women who have suffered domestic abuse and escaped prostitution.
Rebecca is working on a project in N’Djamena where she builds relationships with the women and provides practical support as they go through a rehabilitation course. Recently a group of five women went through the programme. “These women often feel trapped and at the mercy of their husbands or other men,” says BMS Mission Projects Co-ordinator, Kat Wagner. “They have a sense of being stuck in poverty.”
The faith-based approach of the course is an important part of their rehabilitation. The women are taught about the gospel and they learn to value their own self-worth. The first five women who went through the course were so moved by what they learnt that they all committed their lives to Christ! “I’ve been really inspired by the way these women say that their lives have been transformed,” says Rebecca.
The women were helped in practical ways too. They were taught how to make soap, bags and greeting cards which they can sell to supplement their income. Recently, they even landed a deal with a large hotel chain to make and sell mini soaps to the company!
The transformation that has come from showing love and concern is impressive. “All of the women talk about a very deeply held change within their hearts and how they see themselves differently,” says Kat. “It’s amazing because it’s not just a head knowledge, it’s something that really goes deep to the core of who they are and who they believe themselves to be.”


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God is transforming lives in France, thanks in part to you.
Baptisms, healing and people wanting to know more about Jesus – exciting things are happening in the ministry of BMS World Mission church planters Claire-Lise and David Judkins in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.
“I’m pretty sure that many of the things we have seen wouldn’t have happened without prayer, both the prayers that we have committed to locally and also the prayer of BMS supporters,” says David.
Max* was baptised in October 2016 after spending several months reading and discussing the Bible with David. He has been sharing his faith with George*, a work colleague, who has been having a hard time. David met up with them both and prayed for George’s struggle with neck pain. The prayer eased the pain and has led George from being an atheist to wanting to be prayed for more and being open to hearing about God.
Becoming a Christian does not guarantee an easier life. Louise* has been struggling with cancer over the last few months but despite this her faith has remained strong, and the experience has impacted her husband Victor*, too, who wasn’t a Christian. He has been praying for her, and has seen those prayers answered, releasing Louise from some of the pain she was feeling while undergoing radiotherapy. He is now exploring baptism.
“When God is working in people’s lives, it’s beautiful, like flowers coming out, and it is amazing to see,” says David. “What is scary and challenging, is that it can be much messier than we expect. We are constantly having to re-envision the way we are doing things, to create a structure where people can grow but not feel stifled.”
*Names changed

Thank God for the way he is working in France and pray for wisdom as Claire-Lise and David seek to share Jesus with more people.

Over 23,000 people have been helped in Haiti following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew last October. Haiti was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew on 4 October 2016. The storm caused more than 400 deaths and left a wave of destruction in one of the most fragile countries in the world.
There were fears that widespread flooding and poor sanitation following the disaster would spark an epidemic of cholera. In response, BMS World Mission, alongside Baptist partners, gave £46,696 to help provide cholera prevention.
The potential cholera epidemic was averted, with fewer reported cases than feared, thanks to a focus on prevention rather than just treatment.
“There was a real fear that, following Hurricane Matthew, cholera rates would rise drastically and cause even more devastation,” says Rachel Conway, a key member of BMS’ disaster relief
co-ordination team. “But thanks to our donors and collaboration with partners on the ground, we have been able to stand with the people of Haiti and be a part of a really successful response.”
Over 23,000 people have been given the cholera vaccine in the southwestern tip of Haiti. This means prevention efforts have reached over double the number of people initially predicted and over 90 per cent of the population in this southern region are now protected from this disease.
1,777 people have benefited from the cholera supplies that have been delivered to mobile health clinics in the area. Nearly a thousand hygiene kits and huge quantities of water purification tablets have also been distributed to those in need.
Thank you for your prayers for Haiti and support of BMS relief efforts – because of your giving we were able to respond quickly and effectively to this disaster.
Photo courtesy of Hope Health Action.

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