There are many areas that we would love you to get involved in within the life of the church.

Of course, everyone is different.  You may want to throw yourself in at the deep end and get involved in everything immediately, or you may prefer to settle in first and then volunteer where possible.  Whatever is better for you is fine.  

The best way to get to know people in the Church better is via small groups.  Some of these are Bible study groups such as the homegroups and the Bind Us Together group, and some are more social based such as the Men's Group or Uni-hoc on a Sunday evening after the service.  These get togethers are the best way to settle in and get to know a few people really well (or in the case of Uni-hoc to gain a few bruises!).  We also have occasional lunches after church and social events a few times a year which are a really good way to get to know the wider church.

One major on-going ministry is via LivingStones café who are always on the look out for volunteers on weekday lunchtimes or Saturdays.  There are many diverse roles from waiting on tables, to dishwashing, to wiping tables or making up cutlery sets with napkins.  This is the part of St A's that is open to welcome the world every day other than Sunday.

And of course there are the myriad roles of Sundays: supervising the car park, arranging flowers, setting up in the Church, joining the AV team, helping with music and worship, volunteering with the children and young people*, just as a few examples.  Please talk to anyone within the church about where your gifts would be best used.

We hope that you will soon feel very at home at St A's!


*Most of these roles are open to anyone but official processes including an interview and DBS check will be carried out for anyone volunteering with young people and children aged under 18.